London day 2

Another long day of walking..woke up early to get breakfast and headed out by 10:30. Today was chilly and cloudy out, typical London. We walked down to oxford street, which did not feel like London at all it was all foreign people from all over the world I heard at least a dozen languages then we went down Regents street where they have more shopping stores and met up with a friend from SAS walked down regents street which is a really nice fancy street did some window shopping and this street took us to Picadiddly circus it was like a mini time square, a bunch of tourist, big screens on the buildings, the m&m store, and a few other stores also located in time square. Here we had a slice of pizza it was decent, next we walk over to Covent Gardens it looked really familiar to Quincy market actually minus all the food shops it was mostly a bunch of cute stores and cafés. Our next destination was the British museum we spent about 2 hours in here and saw old artifacts from all over the world which was really interesting to see, and I somehow accidentally set off a small alarm and quickly walked away. After about 2 hours of walking all around the museum we finally left. Went back to the hostel and took a nap then got some sushi which ended up being in a box it wasn’t that great, none of the food in London is good. After we walked around Oxford street and did a little shopping and it’s even packed with more foreigners at night. The exchange rate here is crazy don’t think I will be visiting London soon. Staying in tonight way to tired.


London Day 1

After traveling and spending my first night at the hostel some how woke up at 7am ready to go only slept for 5 hours, and 3 the night before..not jet lagged at all surprisingly. Got ready and ate the free breakfast that the Hostel offers, and headed out to go sight seeing by 9:30 we walked through the park, and down a street with a bunch of shopping stores, then our first site was Buckingham Palace its huge the Queen wasn’t home and the guards with the big hats were on the other side of the gate so we couldn’t get a picture. Next we walked to Parliament Square to go on a Free Royal Tour where we visit Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abby and more! Nicole, another SAS student and I ended up leaving the tour and decided to go on our own. The tour guide wouldn’t get close to any of the sites and just talk and talk for a half hour at each site…So we walked around more got lunch and sat in the park the weather was perfect today sunny and in the 70s. We then went down Sloane street which had all very high end luxury stores, and did some window shopping next we went to Harrods, which is a huge shopping mall with everything you can think of from foods, clothes, shoes, technology etc. My favorite sections was the ‘Shoe heaven” which was all designer shoes, just had look around unfortunately. After over an hour in this store and getting lost we finally decided to head back to our hostel after walking around for a good 6-7 hours! Got back to relax, go on social media, and take a nap. Later in the night we meet up with the same guy from before to get dinner at a local British restaurant…British food is not good and it’s all expensive! Most of the resturants around us are from all over the world it’s like in NYC with all the diversity you hear so many different languages walking around in the area we are staying. After dinner we walked around and looked at some souvenir shops I got some postcards to keep and hangup in my room on the ship I’m going to do this in each county and write on the back what I did in that country. Finally back at the hostel going to call it an early night and go to sleep I’m so exhausted.





Finally at the hostel

Such a long day! Left New York at 7:15am and arrived in London at 7:20 pm. The flight was pretty good, customs took forever! I was asked a dozen questions about what I’m doing in London and about SAS not sure why. Picked up my two very heavy duffel bags and found the subway which took forever to figure out how to get to our stop by our hostel finally after switching trains 4 times and going back and fourth on the subways had no elevators ‘lifts’ so Nicole and I had to drag our huge luggages up and down all these stairs, and an Italian lady helped us carry it down a broken escalator and finally made it to our stop and took a taxi to our hostel were in a great location, the rooms are decent were rooming with two random people who were sleeping when we got there then out lockers weren’t opening, then the door wasn’t opening finally after 20 mins of going back and fourth to the lobby we got everything settled and went out to walk around and grab something to eat. Today was a struggle after landing.
Tomorrow were waking up early to make the free breakfast and meet up with other SAS students to start sightseeing!

2 days and 7 hours!

 I can’t believe in 2 days I will be boarding the plane to head off to London as excited as I am to leave. I had to say goodbye to my mom on Friday as she left for Croatia to join my dad, it finally hit me when I had to say goodbye to her that I will be leaving soon, emotional evening I wont see my parents for 4 months! I finally packed both duffel bags I think I got everything I need had to narrow it down to only 7 pairs of shoes. I’m sure I over packed.

First Post!

This is my first blog so I will try to keep it as updated as possible if I can figure out how to work this website.  I’m only 18 days away until I depart for an adventure of a life time!

Flight Is booked, I have one more visa to pick up in the city and visas will be all set! I had to apply for 3 different visas which were a process and a pain to do but It will all be worth it I had to get one for Russia, Ghana, and Brazil. Today I will be booking my hostel for London.

I will be leaving on August 19th for London and will stay there for 3 days to explore the city and on the 23rd I will be boarding the MV Explorer! Still a lot of planning and work to do before I leave, but the main stuff is done.

I can’t wait to start this adventure!!