Warenemunde, Germany

After Berlin we took a train towards Rostock and had to take another local to train to near the ship in a small beach town called Warenemunde about 30 SAS students did not know about this so I had to let them know and lead them to there next train. Finally after 3 1/2 hours of traveling we make it to the really cute cozy town we all walk fast towards the ship all we wanted to do was shower after our weekend in Berlin.
After finally being able to take a nice long shower and dinner a few of headed out to check out the town it was a Sunday evening so it was really empty and quiet the stores were closed and most restaurants expect for the ones along the water we headed down to the beach to take some pictures and see the light house. Next we searched for a place to go out with a another group of SAS people we were all being stared at while at the bar due to how loud everyone got we did some local bar hopping the rest of the night.
The following day I finally was able to sleeping in until lunch time and headed back out to walk around town this day everything was open lots of tourists walking around for lunch I ate at fried seafood restaurant a tried there ‘ fish and chips’ which were 10x better then London. The rest of the day we spent checking out the shops and purchasing some postcards etc.





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