Poland –> Berlin

Finally after sitting at port for 2 days in Poland we were allowed to get off! Friday morning a few friends and I woke up early to get off the ship and to find a cafe to book a ticket to Berlin and a hostel. A shuttle picked us up and dropped us off near the old town which is beautiful! It was like a fairytale after finding wifi and booking a hostel we had to find the train station and book our train soon to find out the next morning and afternoon was sold out the only open spots was the over night train which leaves at midnight (aka the train from hell). After figuring our overnight travel plans out we all went back into old town to walk around more do sightseeing and eat. It was a perfect sunny day all the polish people were nice and friendly. After a long day walking around we went back to pack and get ready and later that night got to the station by 11. A bunch of SAS people were on the same trip half going to Berlin the other half going down to Krakow to auchwitz…
Don’t recommend taking this over night train..first no one of us know which “wagon” to go on.. And of course I had a different wagon then the group I booked it with. After about a half hour of searing for a seat in a box sized room squished with 8 people I finally got my correct seat and had to sit with a few old people and I think we had a ‘body guard’ outside our room anyways sleeping was impossible with the moving and trying to find a comfy spot finally after 5 hours on the train we arrived in the middle of know where Poland and half of us got off to switch to another train for Berlin at 430am we we’re all so excited to get off that train, which a lot of sketchy things happened around the train no one was happy with that ride.. Anyways after a 3 hr layover in who knows where Poland and all sleeping on the train station floor our next train finally arrived this train was a lot nicer and we all sat near each other it was a beautiful view through the country side of Poland and Germany. After about another 5 hours we finally arrived in Berlin by 1130 and had to figure out how to get to our hostel which was pretty easy by the subway. Our hostel is pretty nice it looks like an ikea. We all then went sight seeing and saw the market, churches, the wall and more. Had a late lunch/ dinner I had schnitzel which was as big as my plate .. Of course I finished the whole thing, we did some souvenir shopping and went to part of the Berlin Wall which was a very hippy artsy area. Later we meet some Australians and ended up going a club which was really fun and had the craziest little old German cab. Overall it was a fun night.
The next morning we slept In a little and had lunch and walked around more and by 4 we to the Berlin festival which was really cool to see it’s very different from American festivals people actually hold themselves together here we stayed till midnight and saw a bunch of djs and ate some falafel which was delicious. My overall experience in Berlin was great it’s defiantly a place worth seeing and coming back to. Monday morning we have to take a noon train to Rostock to go back to the ship and check out Rostock.


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