Finally after 6 days at sea we’ve reached land Saturday consisted of waking up early for a field program to see some monuments after we walked around and saw some more sites. That night I went to the Russian ballet which was beautiful it was the black sawn.
The next day tried to sleep in a little but of course they did a crew drill at 9am. Started our day waking around to go site seeing we went to the hermitage museum which was beautiful we also visited the church of the spilled blood which was absolutely beautiful. We had lunch a such a cute restaurant it felt very homey and grandmas house like I had delicious Russian chicken ravioli.
Later that night we went out to some bars and had to be back across the bridge before 130 because it opens for boats to pass though we made it to the bridge at 125 and had to sprint across while on the middle some guy asked to take a selfie with us and we all had to run to the end. We ended up going to another bar with the group of SAS people.
The last day we spent the day walking around and had lunch at another cute decorated restaurant we thought we ordered chicken with sauce and vegetables but it was chicken soup it was delicious anyways.

Russia is very cold even in August next stop is Poland!





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