First weekend on ship!

Finally found wifi!

Finally was able to bored last Saturday the ship after checking out of the hostel at 5am and taking that train again to the airport to meet at a hotel where we take the shuttle bus. A quick drive down to south Hampton and we finally arrive go through the check in process and finally arrive at my room I was the first one there. My room is a good size with a window! Went out to explore and meet up with a few people too all walk around the ship is pretty big! After a few hours of exploring and meeting new people I meet my roommate she’s from Las Vegas she’s really nice it’s nice.
Next started orientation such as safety drills, the dean speaking, and more. Everyone was so tired we all went to sleep by 12.
The next morning consisted of more orientation, meeting new people, and meeting my professors. My professors were all very nice.
At 5pm we finally left port! Which was so exciting! Next was dinner the food isn’t too bad have to get use to pasta and potatoes everyday.





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