First week at sea

Woke up at 7am to make it to breakfast then wait in line at the campus store to get my SAS gear might of bought a little too much oops..My first class stared at 9:25 am which was intro Anthropology our professor is from jersey she’s defiantly a typical jersey old lady. Seems like we have lots of homework and reading for the class but overall It seems really interesting. My second class of the day was cross cultural psychology which was also very interesting I’m excited to learn more about it. My final class of the day was History of the Atlantic which I almost feel asleep in because we have couches and ship was swaying but this class also seems interesting at a lot to learn.

Finally after 3 classes I meeting more people we had dinner more pasta and potatoes! Yum….later that night

My second day of classes started at 925 woke up early again to make it to breakfast. First class was nutrition around the world my professor is really nice southern lady I think this is a good class to take to learn more about nutrition and staying healthy especially while on this trip. I had a big gap in between my classes so I sat up on the 7th deck to sit in the warm sun and start reading. Next class was sociology of childhood this class also seems very interesting I like all my classes so far and the professors.

The rest of the week consisted of going to class and hanging out on the top in the beautiful weather, meeting new people, and eating pasta and potatoes everyday. We also went through the Kinel cannel which is in Germany which was cool to experience going through a cannel and seeing the country side of Germany.

Friday night Which was the night before Russia we found out we will no longer be visiting Senegal, and Ghana due to the Ebola outbreak so we find out our two new ports on Monday which will be somewhere in Europe I heard (Italy, Greece, or turkey) which is all amazing places. we had to listen to a pre port lecture about Russia the do’s and don’ts etc.





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