London Day 3

Yet another day of exploring the city for hours I can’t feel my feet anymore! Today we went back down Oxford street, and had lunch at Prett which was pretty good. We then walked down Regents street again and some cute side streets with all high end stores after a very long walk we finally arrived at St. Pauls Cathedral which was beautiful! Probably one of the nicest buildings I have ever seen. Very important services are held here such as The wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer the launch of the Festival of Britain. St Paul’s Cathedral is a busy working church, with hourly prayer and daily services. Glad I was able to see it. Next we took a long walk over the Millennium bridge and saw the London Tower Bridge from a distance, walked along the river where a bunch of street performers were performing and finally ended up at the London eye, going for a ride would of be cool to experience but the line was so long and its $45 to go on for 20 minutes, no thanks. So we went to dinner instead at Wagamama, finally some good food. After talking about SAS for a few minutes a girl next to us at the same table ended up also being a student, small world! We talked with her about the trip, and where were from etc. After dinner we decided to talk the train back because I was not going to make it walking back for over an hour. Get on the train and go to switch lines at the next station and of course the train going in the direction we needed to go was closed for the day, back to walking it was down Oxford street, it was crazy packed with people from all over the world finally after 45 minutes we made it back. Tomorrow we finally board the MV explorer I’m way to excited! We have to get up at 530am and take the train unfortunately. The discounted shuttle bus to the airport was all booked for saturday morning of course, just my luck so now we have to schlep our 50lb and 30lb luggages through the subway again. Wish me luck!


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