London Day 1

After traveling and spending my first night at the hostel some how woke up at 7am ready to go only slept for 5 hours, and 3 the night before..not jet lagged at all surprisingly. Got ready and ate the free breakfast that the Hostel offers, and headed out to go sight seeing by 9:30 we walked through the park, and down a street with a bunch of shopping stores, then our first site was Buckingham Palace its huge the Queen wasn’t home and the guards with the big hats were on the other side of the gate so we couldn’t get a picture. Next we walked to Parliament Square to go on a Free Royal Tour where we visit Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abby and more! Nicole, another SAS student and I ended up leaving the tour and decided to go on our own. The tour guide wouldn’t get close to any of the sites and just talk and talk for a half hour at each site…So we walked around more got lunch and sat in the park the weather was perfect today sunny and in the 70s. We then went down Sloane street which had all very high end luxury stores, and did some window shopping next we went to Harrods, which is a huge shopping mall with everything you can think of from foods, clothes, shoes, technology etc. My favorite sections was the ‘Shoe heaven” which was all designer shoes, just had look around unfortunately. After over an hour in this store and getting lost we finally decided to head back to our hostel after walking around for a good 6-7 hours! Got back to relax, go on social media, and take a nap. Later in the night we meet up with the same guy from before to get dinner at a local British restaurant…British food is not good and it’s all expensive! Most of the resturants around us are from all over the world it’s like in NYC with all the diversity you hear so many different languages walking around in the area we are staying. After dinner we walked around and looked at some souvenir shops I got some postcards to keep and hangup in my room on the ship I’m going to do this in each county and write on the back what I did in that country. Finally back at the hostel going to call it an early night and go to sleep I’m so exhausted.






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