Finally at the hostel

Such a long day! Left New York at 7:15am and arrived in London at 7:20 pm. The flight was pretty good, customs took forever! I was asked a dozen questions about what I’m doing in London and about SAS not sure why. Picked up my two very heavy duffel bags and found the subway which took forever to figure out how to get to our stop by our hostel finally after switching trains 4 times and going back and fourth on the subways had no elevators ‘lifts’ so Nicole and I had to drag our huge luggages up and down all these stairs, and an Italian lady helped us carry it down a broken escalator and finally made it to our stop and took a taxi to our hostel were in a great location, the rooms are decent were rooming with two random people who were sleeping when we got there then out lockers weren’t opening, then the door wasn’t opening finally after 20 mins of going back and fourth to the lobby we got everything settled and went out to walk around and grab something to eat. Today was a struggle after landing.
Tomorrow were waking up early to make the free breakfast and meet up with other SAS students to start sightseeing!


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